Acrylics and inks on cardboard.
Original artwork in the collection of John Lanzendorf.
TREX Family life

I have always thought that the debate about Tyrannosaurus rex being a scavenger or a hunter has evolved in a rather tedious and absurd argument.There are almost no exclusive scavengers in the animal kingdom (hyenas hunt and lions scavenge). Here the Troodontids in the foreground act as the true opportunists.
I don't believe that an animal built like a T. rex can be a proven an exclusive scavenger... so this painting tries to capture the best of both worlds... it can also be called "playing with their food" and this time their food is the well-know Anatotitan (for alternative food sources, see Kathy Wankel's T. rex).
Anatotitan is the modern, proper name of a very popular duck-billed ornithischian dinosaur known in the old days as "Trachodon".
The original inspiration for the desperate, hunted Anatotitan came from of a great photograph from Albert Watson of a horse and its rider in a rodeo. As a curiosity and as far as I know, this is the first time T. rex hatchlings have been depicted with downy insulation.


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