Baryonyx walkerii (detail).
Acrylics and inks on cardboard. Original painting in the collection of S. Ramos.

The early Cretaceous Baryonyx is the most famous recently British dinosaur. It has been described in detail by Angela Milner and Alan Charig.

The massive thumb claw and its peculiar crocodile-like, long and kinked snout filled with many more conical shaped teeth than is usual for a theropod, give us some clues to theorise about the lifestyle and feeding habits of this theropod. Most probably it was a fishing animal, similar in habits to modern brown bears. This dinosaur was also a contemporary of Iguanodon, so a varied diet can't be discarded!
Remains of relatives of Baryonyx have been found in the Sahara desert, including the sail-backed, enigmatic Spinosaurus.


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