Carcharodontosaurus saharicus versus Aegyptosaurus (with Azhdarchid pterosaur surveyors).
Acrylics and inks on cardboard. Original painting at David Alden's Saurian Studios
"Raptors to Rex" travelling exhibition.

Paul Sereno's new spectacular discovery from the Cretaceous formations of the' Moroccan Sahara, was hailed as one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaur ever found (only Giganotosaurus is bigger). The skull is about 5 cm. longer than T. rex and it has a very peculiar'beak' elongated shape. Up until now, this dinosaur was only known for its teeth, generously scattered all over the Sahara desert.
Carcharodontosaurus &
Aegyptosaurus The teeth and skull don't seem as powerfully constructed as T. rex's but the teeth are excellent, double serrated steak knives.
Aegyptosaurus was probably one of its contemporary, favourite meals. it is a Titanosaur and as the evidence shows from the remains from these sauropods, it had a boxed skull, not a very long neck and probably had a bony armour over its back. It probably grew to massive proportions, just like Argentinosaurus.


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