South American Dinosauria. Giganotosaurus attacking a herd of Amargasaurus with Argentinosaurus in the background.
Acrylics and inks on cardboard. Original painting in the collection of John Lanzendorf. Giganotosaurus, Amargasaurus &Argentinosaurus

A landscape depicting the gigantic and bizarre recent dinosaur discoveries from South America. The predator Giganotosaurus carolinii is hailed as stockier and bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex (but only by centimetres) and is reconstructed here with the latest information about skull shape (very similar to Carcharodontosaurus but with a double bony crest ridge on top of the snout). Amargasaurus can claim the title of Weirdest of all sauropods (the long necked elephantine saurischian dinosaurs) with its double 'sail' of elongated neck vertebrae that probably were covered by horny sheaths, giving it the appearance of porcupines. As we can see it was also rather small and belonged to a family of Diplodocids known as Dicraeosaurs. Argentinosaurus is known only from isolated bones. One of the vertebrae measured almost to the height of a human being and the weight of the animal has been calculated at close to 100 tons, making it possibly the biggest of all dinosaurs. It was a Titanosaur and probably had armoured skin, just as the rest of the titanosaurids.The scene is purely conjectural, since Amargasaurus belongs to an earlier stage of the Cretaceous. The pterosaurs hovering over the dinosaurs are indeterminate ornithocheirids.


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