I’m a Spanish-Mexican artist residing in London. Visual Arts MA from San Carlos Academy (UNAM), Mexico.
I have been a Symbolist and Surrealist painter, sculptor and amateur paleontologist for most of my life.
A professional illustrator for more than 20 years, I’m currently devoting most of my time to nature illustration and paleontological reconstructions. I’ve recently worked with George Olshevsky in “The Birds First. A Theory To Fit The Facts”, OMNI, June 1994 and also with William Blows restoring a new version of “Polacanthus”.
I have participated in several Dinosaur Art exhibitions, among them one at the Dinamation Centre in Fruita Colorado in 1995, where I could attend lectures by Jim Kirkland and Bob Bakker.
I have also collaborated in Dinosaur books from Usborne Publishing, Kingfisher, Wayland Publishers, Marvel Comics (“Dinosaurs: A Celebration”) and many others while at the same time keeping independent research and continuing with dinosaur restorations of my own. This has been appreciated by private collectors from the U.S. that keep commissioning me to do paintings for their own exhibitions and collections.
I have been accepted as a member of the SVP (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) this year.
While I consider the anatomical reconstructions of the animals my “forte”, I also started reconstructing habitats from different parts of the world in different geological eras, trying to keep a very critical eye on my own restorations and using as much available data as possible, but keeping an open mind and not being afraid of getting into risky, hypothetical reconstructions within the limits of what can be considered reasonable.
My main influences have been Robert Bakker and Gregory S. Paul, the two people that I consider mainly responsible for giving dinosaurs their own character as a species. I’m also known as a defender of the hypothesis of high metabolism in the Dinosauria in general and the fact that birds are direct descendants of the dinosaurs.
I also like to reconstruct my dinosaurs with feathers when the skeletal anatomy and size of the animal is suggestive enough to do so.
My work’s technique is mixed media using acrylics and inks with airbrush, color pencils and markers over cardboard. I also do clay modelling.
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