Brooding Oviraptors face the Sandstorm.
Acrylics and inks on cardboard.

This painting is based on the first theories to understand the burials. This is a reconstruction of the scene seconds before the animal and its nest were buried by a massive sandstorm. .
Brooding Oviraptors face the Sandstorm I have depicted hypothetical sexual dimorphism (The female of the species is based on the non crested oviraptorid dinosaur commonly called lngenia) with the males showing their bizarre, brightly coloured crests.
I have also added a controversial touch: feathers. I found that the actual placement of the arms in the fossil was a very tempting feature to add a fan of feathers around them to help covering the nest. It makes sense, since Oviraptor is a close avian relative, but it remains purely conjectural.
Estesia, a varanid lizard has finally been successful in stealing its dinner.
As a an anecdote, remains of infant Velociraptors were found in the nest... Probably to feed the Oviraptor hatchlings.
The scenario is the Gobi Desert, in the Cretaceous Mongolia,


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