Polacanthus raided by a pack of Valdoraptors.
Acrylics and inks on cardboard. Original painting in the collection of S. Ramos.

Polacanthus, a heavily armoured nodosaurid originally found in the Isle of Wight, England has been extensively researched by William Blows.
Polacanthus raided by a pack of Valdoraptors This reconstruction is the result of my collaboration with him: he gave me instructions and details of how he thought Polacanthus would look with a newly discovered specimen he had been describing for his thesis (including new details like the precise angle of the spikes with respect of the body, the rather square and almost ankylosaurid skull, and the little known fact of a very small tail club at the end of the tail.
In this painting, the passively defending Polacanthus is menaced by a pack of late surviving (the time of the scene is early Cretaceous) Megalosaurids, baptised by George Olshevsky as Valdoraptors. The genus Megalosaurus is still a waste basket of doubtful theropod remains, and some researchers associate these with the four-fingered Ceratosaurs and Abelisaurs, instead than the more traditionally viewed relation to three fingered Allosaurids.


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