Protoceratops andrewsi faces Velociraptor mongoliensis

 Protoceratops andrewsi faces Velociraptor mongoliensis Acrylics and inks on cardboard. 
This painting is a reconstruction of probably the only dinosaur battle frozen in time (found through dramatic direct evidence) until now.
Protoceratops, a presumed 'harmless' ceratopsian herbivore with a powerful beak is bringing down the maniraptoran theropod, sickle clawed Velociraptor. The claws of Velociraptor will also at the end inflict fatal damage on Proceratops and both will die in one of the most famous fatal embraces in recorded history!

Velociraptor was a close relative of birds and had agility, bird-like intelligence and speed. The famous 'sickle' claws on the toes were size-matched by the ones on the hand digits. The hand's function was similar to that of modified, clawed wings with a lethal flapping motion (contrary to Jurassic Park specifications, they couldn't be used as monkey or human hands to open doors!).

Both animals were roughly the same length (two metres and almost three metres for some specimens of Protoceratops). Protoceratops sported an enormous frilled head compared to body size and a typical ceratopsian powerful beak. The frill had large fontanelles (or holes) covered in tough skin and was more for display than for defence; it varied in size, shape and adornments depending on sex and age. The animal was a powerfully constructed quadraped but it might have been an occasional biped. It was also agileand lithe and was probably a ferocious defender (if not attacker).
I wouldn't be surprised if it was discovered to be also an omnivore.

I would compare the battle to that of a double sized coyote against a double sized warthog. And it proved fatal for both of them.
The scenario is the Ukhaa Tolgod formation from the late Cretaceous of Mongolia.


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