RAPTOR RED:Snow games.

Acrylics and inks on cardboard.


Original in the collection of George and Mickey Deike.

First in a Trilogy, this is a tribute to the imagination of Robert Bakker (as requested by Mickey Deike).

It illustrates a scene from Bakker's novel Raptor Red where utahraptors and troodontids have fun together playing games, skating in the winter snow (seasonal weather and mild snow storms are considered a possibility in Cretaceous times close to the poles). It was a nice, humorous departure from the usual depictions of "Nature Red in Tooth and Claw".

More than anything, this painting is a tribute to the imagination of a charismatic man, imaginative researcher and outstanding teacher (mistakes and all... but we need those mistakes that push the boundaries of imagination) that has done more for the recent popular divulgation and promotion of dinosaur science than so many academics put together. Attending a dinosaur anatomy masterclass from him is an experience that lasts for a lifetime! And I was privileged enough to be there once.

Always ready to create a storm with inflammatory discourse and ideas, he was the original heretic and the man that went beyond John Ostrom speculating that not a few but ALL dinosaurs were warm-blooded .

And, I might risk my neck here ... he might have been guilty of many academic sins and some wild assumptions that border in Science Fiction... but he's is still right on that!

Robert Bakker

The big man himself portrayed with the original of the painting at the SVP meeting in Denver 1999.



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