Luis V. Rey


Books and Magazines

“Dinosaurs: A Celebration” (Marvel Comics 1993)

“The Usborne Book of Dinosaurs” (Sue Mayes, Usborne Publishing 1993-94)

“Dinoworld”, Vols. 1-4 ( Kingfisher 1995)

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“Dinosaur Nests and Babies” (Kenneth Carpenter, Indiana University Press 1999)

“Dinosaurs The `Biggest, Baddest…” (Zimmerman, Byron Preiss 1999)

“Dinosaur Imagery”(The Lanzendorf Collection, Academic Press 2000)

“Monsters” (Scintilla Editorial 2000-01)

“The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs” (2001)

“Una Vita Per Dinosauri”(Marco Signore, 2001)

“Les Fossiles” (Eric Buffetaut/ Gallimard 2001)

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“DinoPress” (Japan. Vols 2, 3 ,4, 5 and 6. 2001-02)

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“Mesozoic Fauna” (Ken Carpenter, Indiana University Press).

“Extreme Dinosaurs!” (Luis V. Rey. Chronicle Books 2001)

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“Prehistoric Monsters“ (Robert T. Bakker/Luis V. Rey, Random House 2007)

“The Crato Fossil Beds Of Brazil“  (Martill Loveridge, Bechly) 2007

“African Dinosaurs” (Anusuya Chinsamy/ Luis V. Rey, Struik Publishers 2008)

“The Dinosaur Magnet Book” (Scholastic 2008,)

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“A History of Paleontology Illustration” (Jane P. Davidson. Indiana University Press 2009)

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“Dinosaur Art. The World’s Greatest Paleoartists” (Curated by Steve White, Titan Books) 2012

“The Big Golden Book Of Dinosaurs” (Robert T. Bakker/ Luis V, Rey, Rambdom House 2013

“Walking With Dinosaurs 3D” (Artwork for movie credits) 2013

“Flying Dinosaurs” (John Picknell, New South Publishing) 2014

“Giants Of The Lost World” (Donald Prothero) Smithsonian Books 2016

“The Art Of The Dinosaur” (Kazuo Terakado) PIE International 2017

“Augestorben Um Zu Bleiben” ( Berrhnhard Kegel) 2018

“Extreme Dinosaurs Pt. 2 The Projects” (Luis V Rey) 2019

Workshops, collaborations and exhibitions

Dinosaur workshops for children at the British Museum (Natural History) and at the Alexandra Palace, London between 1992 and 1996.

Co-organized with Mike Howgate several biannual Dinosaur Conventions and public scientific workshops and debates in London 1990-97.

With William Blows:  Restoring a new version of Polacanthus(1992).

1994.Yaohan Centre. London(dinosaur art exhibition).

“The Birds First. A Theory To Fit The Facts”, OMNI Magazine (June 1994).

  1. “Dinosaur Art Weekend” Dinamation Centre in Fruita Colorado (Exhibition).

1996-7. David Alden’s and Robert Bakker’s “Raptors” travelling exhibition

With sculptor Charlie Mc Grady: Creation of a full sized, feathered model of Velociraptor (1997).

1997 Feature in Discover Magazine #403 “Living Fossils” (a special programme for Discovery Channel) illustrating the work of Luis Chiappe and Kevin Padian on the origin of birds.

1998 . UK Dinosaur Society’s Travelling Exhibition

With Darren Naish in “Pecking Order” (Fortean Times, March 1998).

  1. “Monster Art Exhibition” at the Dudley Museum and Art Gallery

1999. “Parental Care in Theropod Dinosaurs” Poster at SVP meeting in Denver  (with Marco Signore).

With Cristiano Dal Sasso and Marco Signore in  restorations of Scipionyx samniticus (Poster installation at the 1999 SVP meeting in Denver: “Scipionyx, Mantis Dinosaur?”).

2000. SVPCAPortsmouth University(exhibition).

2000. Field Museum of Chicago as part of John Lanzendorf’s Collection tribute exhibition to the Tyrannosaurus rex known as “Sue”.

2000-1 Correspondent and collaborator  with DinoPress (Japan).

2001 Network of the World feature on NOW’s Earth and Space Channel(with Darren Naish, University of Portsmouth).

2002. “Dinosaur Eggs and Nests” travelling exhibition by STONE. CO.

2002. “Incontro con la Paleontología” Workshop, conference and exhibition at the Archaeological museum in Benevento, Italy.

2002. SVPCA meeting exhibition n Cambridge, UK.

2003. SVPCA meeting exhibition in Oxford, UK.

2003. “Incontro con la Paleontologia” (seconda edizione), exhibition and conference. Benevento, Italy.

2004. Permanent exhibit of artworks at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center.

2004. Henry Gee/Luis V. Rey Children’s Art Workshop at the Clore Tikva School, Barkingside.

2004. Paleo Art Show, Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

2005. Exhibition of Artwork at the EAA Air Venture Museum, WI, USA.

2005. Artwork provided and exhibited at the Natural History Museum NY as part of the exhibition “Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries”.

2005-15 Pieces of dinosaur artwork as part of a permanent exhibition at Houston Museum of Natural Science.

2005. Exhibition, Conference and Workshop at the Citta della Scienza Science event, October.

2006. Collaboration with Scott Hartman for the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

2007. Reconstruction of the pterosaur Caulkicephalus for David Martill and the Portsmouth University.

2008. Permanent exhibition of pterosaur artwork at the Zoological museum, Munich. Tribute to Peter Wellhnofer at the Pterosaur Symposium in Munich.

2008. Winner of the Lanzendorf Paleo-Art Award at the Society of Vertebtrate Paleontology.

2008. With Michael Ryan (Alberta, Canada) Reconstruction of Medusaceratops.


January: Conference “Bringing Dinosaurs Back to Life” at the Design for Understanding event at the St. Bride’s library in the City of London

March: “Bringing Dinosaurs Back to Life” at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

June: The Bristol Dinosaur event (conference and art panel) at the Will’s Memorial building in Bristol.

August: “Dinosaur Art” Opening event and conference at the Natural History Museum in London.

October: “Bringing Dinosaurs Back To Life” (or “Reviviendo Dinosaurios”) annual class at the Universidad Autónoma de México


“Dinosnores” events at the Natural History Museum, London


 “Tiny Titans” “Hatching the Past” Murals for the Stone Co/Gondwana Studios travelling exhibition. Events and talks in US, Mexico, Spain, Naples, Glasgow, London’s Horniman Museum, Cardiff and Copenhagen.


“Feathers Fly. The Art of Archaeopteryx” (Silver Plume Exhibitions)


Several talks (Brining Dinosaurs Back To Life) at UNIVERSUM, the UNAM and Museo de Geología in Mexico City.


“Science And Wine” events in Copenhagen, Denmark presenting “Brining Dinosaurs Back To Life”.


“Dinosaurios Hechos En Mexico” (Gondwana Studios. Luis V. Rey). At the Planetario Alfa. Monterrey. México


“Dinosaur rEvolution” (exhibition curated by Luis V. Rey/Gondwana Studios). Currently touring several venues in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand)